Wobebe Getachew

Human Tempest Cleric out for revenge


Wobebe Getachew was raised as an acolyte at a temple of Ahab, the King at the Bottom of the Ocean, God of Storms and Sea Monsters. Wobebe was fawned upon by the Ahabian clerics (all human). He pined for the day he would join their ranks.
His initiation quest was to retrieve an artifact belonging to the order and retrieve it he did. But when he returned, his hopes of being initiated to the ranks of his order were dashed upon the rocks. The temple was desecrated and the clerics were slaughtered. The only thing left behind in the ruins of his temple, his home, was a symbol.
Armed with his shield, whaler’s spear, war hammer, and divine magic — Wobebe is following the wake of these profane defilers for Ahab demands brutal, bloody revenge.

Wobebe harbors a quiet dislike for Elves. He was raised to believe Elves hold their long lives as an immortality comparable to that of the Gods.

Because of the constant attention and spoiling in his upbringing, Wobebe is prone to jealousy and is not socially apt.

Wobebe Getachew

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