Welcome to my first campaign! I hope you brought some band-aids because things are about to get EDGY!


Brief Synopsis

This campaign takes place in a vast, magical world of Terra Excreta. Divided into a few regions, the land consists of many different biomes. Similar to earth, Terra Excreta has a wide array of races, each with its share of problems. Due to the huge differences, your group will wander across racial waters, bound to be both calm and stormy! Nobody likes people who are different from them! They need to mmmmGET OUT! While it might exist, intolerance within a race is not as common as issues outside of a race. For example: Black and white human prejudice < prejudice between dwarves and half-orcs.

Since this world is magical, there is a lot of controversy as to where this magic is drawn from. Each race seems to differ as to what is the source of magic. Some believe in multiple gods, while others believe in a monotheistic being. Some gods may be long gone, while others still walk Terra Excreta. The point is, magic is in fact real, but where does it come from? Each person who uses/witnesses magic has his/her beliefs, but is bound to face people who believe otherwise. Note: I will provide clearer racial interpretations of magic as you guys design characters. Just let me know what character ideas you are thinking, and I’ll see what I can do.

The campaign will begin in the outskirts of Rasser City. The Human-controlled Rasser City is truly a wonder of Terra Excreta, known for its immense wealth and titanic architecture. Unfortunately, it isn’t necessarily a beacon of equality.


Character Design

While you design your character, keep these things in mind:

  • How does your character view magic? Is he/she a religious zealot? Does he/she not care where magic comes from? Or are they a Chreaster? (lol)
  • Is your character tolerant of other races? If not, what races does he/she not trust?Why?
  • Where is your character from? How do they find themselves in the outskirts of Rasser City?

If you guys have any questions, ask away! Consult your Players handbook I uploaded on facebook! ENJOY!


Your young, up and coming DM,


Terra Excreta: Trudging Through Tension

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