A traveling mercenary with a passion for sweet treats.




Meet Guy, a nomadic half-elf in search of adventure, excitement, and delicious baked goods.

As a young lad growing up in the small human village of Flarhgunnstow, Guy struggled to fit in with the rest of society due to his mixed half-elf ancestry. In order to help protect Guy from bullies, Guy’s father started training his son in the practices of self-defense and basic survival skills at a young age, practices which Guy quickly picked up on and became quite adept in. After each training session, Guy and his father would return home, where his mother would often have some sort of freshly baked dessert waiting for them, a tradition that Guy came to love more and more as time went on. As he grew older, it became clear to Guy that he would never truly fit in with the humans in Flarhgunnstow, despite all of the efforts that he and his family made. When he reached adulthood, Guy decided to leave the village and continue to hone his skills across the continent, with aspirations of becoming the greatest swordsman who ever lived firmly entrenched in his mind.

For a majority of his adult life, Guy has lived the life of a wandering mercenary, traveling across the Terra Excreta countryside performing various odd jobs to help get by. With no steady job or responsibilities to worry about, Guy has dedicated himself to mastering his most favorite craft: the art of swordsmanship. Of course, Guy’s childhood sweet tooth is just as prevalent and he often finds himself spending his hard-earned coin on many assorted cakes, pies and other sweet treats.


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