Terra Excreta: Trudging Through Tension

First Session

Guy's Mill and entering Rasser City

All the characters entered Guy’s Mill in search for clarification for their past.

Randy’s Tavern

Wobebe Getachew entered Randy’s Tavern searching for a room to sleep for the night. As he was negotiating, Guy, the mysterious half-elf entered and sat in the corner of the shadowy bar. Careless Whispers, a daring Rogue, entered and demanded beer from the barkeep. Bobby, the hot tempered wood elf wandered into the bar and immediately picked a fight with Wobebe for being a human.

The confrontation between Wobebe and Bobby grew, as Wobebe smashed his warhammer down on the bar counter in anger. As this was happening, “Astamouf” Lamaster, a curious gnome, entered the bar and attempted to put bar attendants to sleep, causing a stir with the Human Bar-locale, causing Wobebe to pass out barside, mid-fight with Bobby.

Human Bar attendees yelled at the foreign visitors to get out, but were met with a thrown beer by Bobby the elf. A barfight ensued, leaving a couple humans drowsy, while others remained headlocked by Careless Whispers. Randy encouraged the brawl to head outside, but was unsuccessful. The fight ended with an newly awoken Wobebe casting a command spell on a human instigator, commanding him to let the troublesome foreigners to escape from the bar. Randy vowed that they never come back.

Baker Thomas’s pastries by Baker Thomas

Guy and Astamouf walked into the bakery asking for baked treats. Luckily for Astamouf, Baker Thomas confused the gnome, a race which he hates, for a small child. After giving his sweet, sweet maple, chocolate tortilla pleasurables to Guy, demanding that he not give it to “weirdos”.

On the way out, Baker Thomas left out a pie, specifically not to be eaten by weirdos, which Astamouf stole, and shared with Guy.

All the Party made its way to the Ferry in Guy’s Mill which was leaving for Rasser City.

Rasser City Ferry

Upon entering the ferry, Captain Louis promised each of the attendees a 50 gold bonus for defending the ferry, since most of the ferry guards were forced to return to the city with a recent string of murders. The party gladly took up arms, awaiting any future danger.

Wobebe spoke to a band of merfolk, convincing them that the ferry was not a threat, but was not successful in preventing the future combat encounter. A school of flumph boarded the intrusive ferry leading to Rasser City. Thwarted by the Javelin skills of Wobebe, the first Flumph was unsuccessful at boarding the ship. Guy shut down two flumphs from entering starboard side with his longsword and shortbow. Finally, with a ray of frost, Astamouf froze a flumph in its own dampness, killing it with a frigid temperature. The team was able to safely travel to Rasser city, where it awaited the customs office.

Rasser City Customs Checkpoint.

Upon entering the city, Bobby and Astamouf knew that it was not going to be easy entering Rasser City, with it’s strict policy on foreigners. Careless Whispers, naively approached customs feeling welcome into the city. Unfortunately for him, he was labeled a foreigner with a magic, yellow embroidery on his shirt. Following Whispers, Wobebe entered the city without problems due to his human background. After Wobebe, Guy the half-elf walked through customs, successfully disguising the fact that he was half-elf. Bobby the elf walked into customs, alarming the guards, and was unfortunately placed with a yellow embroidery. Lastly, Astamouf was seen with his small gnomish stature, and marked with he dreaded yellow embroidery.

Funeral for fallen guards.

Upon entering the city, the party noticed a funeral procession of 7 fallen guards to ’Spics", a term unknown to the gang. The procession was full of crying humans, sad and angry over their fallen race. They followed the procession into the cathedral of Homoism, where a speech and mourning were to be given. Wobebe and Guy followed into the temple, while Bobby, Whispers, and Astamouf looked for potential lootable stores within a distance.

Within the temple, a priest gave a mournful speech about all of the fallen guards, while the crowd got angrier, demanding justice. The crowd stormed out shouting “Spic!” and “justice!”.

While outside, Astamouf noticed a well guarded door, which was above 12 ft tall, guarded b many sentries. As he was looking at this, hundreds of humans poured out in the streets demanding justice towards the spic, which guy found out was slang for “conspicuous folk.” The crowd gathered at the courtyard behind the temple.

Whispers continued to loot angry distracted peasantfolk, while they watched the courtyard. A Large giant, now known as conspicuous folk, was brought out into the courtyard, while the humans demanded justice. He was kneeled upon a block of wood, where two giant axes lay in the balance. Players notice a human being overlooking the courtyard form a giant tower.

A human, recognized by Bobby as Rasser XI, acting King of Rasser City, gave the signal to deliver justice. As he gave a thumbs down, along went the Giant Axe, cleanly chopping off the head of the Gigantic Prisoner.



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